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Holidays at Sea: The Best Cruise Ships

Holidays at Sea:  The Best Cruise Ships

Holidays on the seven seas and the travel distant countries by sea – trips with the best cruise ships in the world are in many travel and more adventurous in high demand and are also in the trend of the times.  Our team at Reiseziele24 has all the latest opportunities for your travel locations and what would a portfolio be like without a full line of available Cruise ship tours.  

A cruise, deluxe ‘on the MS Europa

A trip first rate experience passengers on the five-star yacht MS Europa. On the sea routes that lead, among other things in the Pacific Ocean, in the North Sea and in the Indian Ocean, you find the cruise participants both on water and on land before a surrounding area of ​​exquisite skills. Plenty of space and a protected privacy on offer to a maximum of 408 passengers on board. The service and the service will be performed by a hotel crew who speaks German. Culinary delights await the passengers as well as a spa and a golf range, a gym and a pool with Magrodom. At the highest level are the entertainment and cultural events.

The Seedream II – cruise ship and also mega-yacht

One of the world’s biggest yachts represents the Seadream II. It has room for 110 passengers and has very comfortable cabin facilities. So guests will find on board before a bathroom with toilet and shower, with a multi-jet shower massage can be performed. Furnished the cabins are among others with a seating area, a desk and a private safe. In addition to the facilities include a flat screen TV, direct dial telephone, Internet access and air conditioning. Wellness is also available on board, drive as different sport.

With the MS Hanseatic of the most attractive places in the world

Because of their size, the MS Hanseatic is ideally suited to show their passengers the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world up close. Thus, in a journey to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk drive the Zodiacs up close to the natural wonders. Stunningly can also be an expedition in the rough world of Antarctica. The maximum 184 travel guests need for comfort and best service that is available around the clock, not to dispense. The cabins and suites of the five-star ship are comfortable. To be found for example in all cabins, a video library, a music program and a telephone.

enjoy the cruise as possible without cash

When traveling with a lot of cash, runs the risk that gets lost him this in one way or another. This risk can be minimized easily. If payments are made ​​through a credit card, for example, a credit card gold, the voyage can be tackled much more relaxed. Also can be availed with this card further reductions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have with respect to jumping on board on of the many cruise vacations we promote.   Great fun for all when you decide to go out to sea, even more fun when you hit port of call.  Our team is working hard to bring life changing experiences to you and your families memories.


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